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Canterbury’s skyline is dominated by the stunning Cathedral, the oldest in England. But the cathedral is only part of the story; the ancient ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church form Canterbury’s UNESCO World Heritage Site while other ancient ruins such as the Castle are reminders of the city’s history, heritage and culture.

Although Canterbury is a place steeped in tradition it is also a modern and vibrant city. Luxury hotels, fine restaurants serving food from across the globe, pulsating nightclubs and welcoming pubs combine to give a complete experience. For those who have a yearning for retail, Canterbury’s array of shop windows beckon with a kaleidoscope of colours, inviting you to sample what’s on offer. Within 20 minutes, wonderful beaches can be reached as well as vineyards, castles and sporting activities.

At Cathedral Cottages we offer a free concierge service to all guests which includes services such as booking theatre tickets for you or arranging an in-house chef to attend. Please browse this page to sicker what’s on in and around Canterbury and please do contact us for more information or if you would like us to arrange anything for you.

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